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About Ourselves

NBTeam Ltd. was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing the widest possible range of services to existing and prospective clients in the IT field. The founders and leading colleagues have many years of experience, and the company has been expanding its service range ever since.

One of the guarantees of professional competence is that our employees are highly qualified and have great professional experience in the IT field. NBTeam Ltd. always strives to adapt to the needs of its partners and meet all expectaions for a long-term cooperation.

Closed Wifi System

The aim of the project is to explore the feasibility of a digital version of Closed Circuits Television (CCTV), based on such technology for digital CC systems optimized for smartphones and tablets. For this purpose, a mobile, easy-to-install outdoor communication device prototype is developed, which is suitable for broadcasting broadband closed-loop video broadcasting of smartphones and tablets via the WIFI system of the end-user device in such a way that the end-user does not need to have Internet access to receive the broadcast.

The project aims at researching broadband peer-to-peer technology using WIFI technology as an alternative to the CCTV standard in the field of media broadcasting. Based on the new technology to be researched, it becomes possible, among other things, at mass events (sporting events, concerts, festivals, events, etc.) and in every place where a lot of people turn (railway stations, hospitals, hotels, museums) into a closed-circuit WIFI internet radios Creating a system where you can operate smartphones as a kind of television, replacing giant projectors, LED walls and other display devices. In the final phase of the project, a prototype of a radiant device based on researched technologies will be developed.


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